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FSB Groundworks & Maintenance services

Building your dream is what we do

FSB Groundworks is
Leading Quality Projects in Aeration and Grass care 

Aerate to rejuvenate

FSB Groundworks strives to deliver you the most efficient and professional service available. FSB Groundworks has extensive experience in aeration and grass care. We want what’s best for your land and with that in mind we use the most up-to-date machinery, which is the leading contender in grass rejuvenation in Ireland today.

  • Soil aerating

  • Grassland Rejuvenation Services

  • Overseeding / Stitching service

Wet grass

Construction & Maintenance

  • Arena Construction

  • Gallop Construction

  • Lunge ring construction

  • Stable yard construction

  • Field shelter construction

  • Maintenance packages are available. 


Fencing & Specialist Drainage


All aspects of fencing:

  • Post and rail

  • Stock proof fencing

  • Subsurface Drainage

  • Gradients using Laser Technology

  • Soak Aways

  • Spring Removal

  • Water Diversion

Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services

to meet your needs

Contact us today to get your quote and start building your dream

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